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Vontobel Events

Fixed Income:
Unfix your thinking.

LIVESTREAM Event | Wednesday, 10 March 2021 | 10am CET

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“Currently, 30% of all bond yields are now negative, but one way to unfix your thinking is to realize that with 70% of bonds offering positive returns, the cup is in fact over two-thirds full and many of these bonds can deliver an attractive income.”

Simon Lue-Fong, Head of Fixed Income

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Unfix your thinking.


In an increasingly divided world, many of us are looking for safe ground. Government bonds used to mean safety, delivering rock-solid if slightly underwhelming returns. This has changed, so investors are now looking for income elsewhere, which requires them to unfix their thinking and get away from the boundaries of traditional approaches.

Bonds, one of the most diverse asset classes there is, remain as attractive as ever for investors willing to take an active look. Learn more and join our Livestream Event "Fixed Income: unfix your thinking.".


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Key Speakers

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Christian Hantel
Senior Portfolio Manager
Patrick Sege
CEO Vontobel Asset Management AG
Wouter van Overfelt
Head of Emerging Market Corporates & Senior Portfolio Manager
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2020 will be remembered as the year of the pandemic. It has required rethinking and offers future opportunities.

Our speakers will provide a market outlook for 2021 and discuss how to navigate the bond markets in a persistently low interest rate environment. They will try to answer the most common investor questions from a fresh perspective, demonstrating that it is still possible to find value and extract alpha from bond investments.

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